Friday, 15 February 2013

Welcome to New Blog on UK Directory Submissions

We the staff here welcome another weblog on UK directories submission work launched by Aprajita kohli from London United Kingdom. Aprajita Kohli is our team members here but she decided that UK submissions blog should be on its own domain rather than on free blogspot. We welcome the decision of launching an new UK directory submission services blog and hope to contribute in the future for this project

Thanks Jess

Friday, 11 January 2013

Difference in UK Directory Listing and Submission

Some one today asked me why the listing in United Kingdom Directories are costly than submission work executed by you. The answer is simple
  • First there is difference in definition what is directory submission or what is directory listings
  • Directory listing guaranteed you the links in UK directory where as submission work only guarantee the website URL submission
  • In most of case directory links or listing is paid where as in most of case directory submission is free as it is submitted to free UK website directories or index
  • In UK directory links are guaranteed from United Kingdom directory submission service where as the same is not true in case of directory submission
  • Directory listing is always a manual work where as directory submissions can be automatic through some directory  submitting software
 Finally  you can try both for directory listing service and manual directory submission services from any reputed SEO submission agency worldwide. UK directory submitting work also include citation building services to directories of Britain or British or enlgish. Region covered by this are Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland 

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

UK Directory Submission Services Blog

Niche and regional directory links are recommended by search engine Google. UK webmaster must get the links from United kingdom web directories. This blog is all about UK web directories there search submission, approval and paid UK directories evaluation. UK directories submission also  include local directories from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland